Home Workouts You Don't Realize You're Already Doing

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed our day-to-day lives. Our homes became our new offices, classrooms, restaurants, and fitness studios. While we were all making these sudden adjustments to our routines, many found it difficult to keep up with their regular exercise routines. However, exercise is key to promoting the energy and strength we need to be productive and positive.

Exercise provides us with a boost of positivity, moments of clarity in thinking, and just a few minutes where our focus is on giving back to these bodies that do so much for us each day. Now that we are spending more time in our homes, here are some fun ways to make sure you are taking care of yourself while still keeping to many of the daily chores and activities you're already doing!  

Laundry Lunges

While picking up laundry around the house, keep your basket on the floor and do a few squats or lunges every time you bend down. Try changing up the type of squat or lunge every 10 repetitions or so.