Landscaping & Carpentry Took a Toll on Westerly Man’s Knees

Years of wear and tear on his knees left Nate unable to hike, hunt, and golf after having four arthroscopic surgeries.

Nate Gencarelli has spent the past 47 years living in Westerly, RI, and 25 of those years, focusing on growing his career in the area. He loves to spend his time outdoors; hunting, hiking, golfing, or going for walks. Landscaping and carpentry have also been hobbies of Nate, so every week he's out in the yard, but over the years all of his activities have taken a toll on his knees.

Getting outdoors and staying active has become increasingly difficult for Nate and over the last 25 years he has needed 3 arthroscopic surgeries on his knee. This past year, he decided that his knee was doing well enough to focus more of his attention on losing weight. Nate was going to the gym, taking walks and hikes every day, and was happy to be focusing on his weight loss journey, until he tweaked his knee.

Eventually, he couldn’t walk or even sit down without experiencing pain and after a few months, it was determined that he would need another knee surgery. Early this December, Nate underwent his fourth arthroscopic knee surgery, but left with excessive swelling. When it wasn’t getting any better, he knew he needed some more help, so he made an appointment with Dr. Cara Kenyon at the Richmond clinic.

Within just a few weeks, the swelling was gone, and he was back to walking pain-free and focusing on his goals of losing weight. “I can't say enough how grateful I am for Cara, Paige, and the rest of the staff” Nate smiled. He is on track to his journey of losing 30 pounds and is ready for hunting, hiking & golfing this Spring.

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