Mom-to-be works her way back to the gym

Over the last few years, a lot has changed in Jackie’s life. Last year, Jackie and her husband even moved from Connecticut to Riverside, RI so her husband could continue his education at Brown University. While her husband was continuing his education, Jackie was working with her second-grade class at the Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary school. Jackie loves her position and is thrilled with all the support she receives from the entire school, especially as a new teacher.  

Jackie has wanted to teach for as long as she can remember, and back in high school, it was her dream to be a music teacher. Along the way, Jackie realized that being a music teacher was not for her, but she really wanted to be involved with the schools, so she placed her focus on elementary education.  

When she’s not in the classroom, Jackie loves to read, bake, and workout, she even goes to the gym 6 days of the week. If she’s not at the gym, then she's running with her husband, taking a walk with her dogs, or going for long hikes in the area. Once Jackie found out she was pregnant, she wouldn’t let that stop her from working out, but she did have to slow it down a bit. About 30 weeks into her pregnancy, Jackie left the gym limping, assuming she just worked out a little too hard, she decided to take a few days off, take some Advil, and ice around her injury. Unfortunately, this wasn’t doing the trick.   

Jackie was experiencing a lot of sciatic pain and was having trouble getting around. At first, she assumed that the pain was from working out, but during pregnancy, your ligaments are always stretching, so it caused the sciatic inflammation along with swelling and discomfort. The pain eventually got to the point where Jackie couldn't even roll out of bed or get off the couch without pain, so her midwife suggested she make an appointment with Dr. Kayla Barrett at the Riverside location.   

At her first visit, Jackie had a consult with Dr. Barrett and tried a few minutes of massage, heat, and stretches. When Jackie left still in pain, she thought “oh no this isn't going to work” but decided to stick with it and give it a chance. After just a few sessions with Kayla and working on her stretches at home, Jackie was finally feeling relief and could even get up off the couch, roll out of bed, walk around the school, and get out with her dogs, all with limited discomfort. “This place has been a life saver for me” Jackie expressed “Kayla was kind, professional, and really understood the pain I was having to give me a solid treatment plan”.  

Now, Jackie is getting back to some of her normal activities, although she does have to take it easy seeing as her baby's due any day now. Jackie hopes that after giving birth, her sciatic pain will completely disappear, but if not, she knows that Performance will be there to help her reach a full recovery whenever she needs the help. 

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