Paramedic Says She Was Left Paralyzed After Cracking Her Neck While Stretching

Article quotes taken from Inside Edition's 23-Year-Old Paramedic Says She Was Left Paralyzed After Cracking Her Neck While Stretching.

23- year old Natalie Kunicki became paralyzed one night after cracking her neck. But how in the world does that happen?

She was watching television in bed after a night out with friends when she stretched her neck and heard a loud crack, she told the Daily Mail.When she got up 15 minutes later to use the restroom, she collapsed and couldn't move her left leg. She called paramedics and was rushed to a hospital, where she learned a major artery in her neck had been severed, sending a blood clot to her brain, which triggered a stroke. - Inside Edition Staff

Inside Edition spoke with Dr. Michelle Collie who couldn't believe this type of injury happened to someone by just cracking their neck.

"Usually an exceptional amount of trauma is involved" with rupturing a neck artery
But neck and spine injuries can be quite debilitating, and she urged people to be mindful of the way they sit and stretch.
When stretching the neck, be sure to turn to the left and right, and up and down, she said. Don't rotate your neck in a circle or make jerky motions. - Inside Edition Staff

Although Dr. Collie does say that cracking your neck is OK, she urges people to learn how to stretch it properly, and encourages people to never let anyone manipulate your neck or spine unless they are a trained professional.

She also advised avoiding long periods of sitting or slouching. "Not moving has very detrimental effects," she said. Remember to hold your chin horizontal to the floor and imagine a piece of string being pulled from the top of your head, lifting your spine into alignment. - Inside Edition Staff

After a few weeks in the hospital, Kunicki has regained some feeling in her body, but she has a long road ahead of her and will require at least a year of physical rehab. But with the help of a physical therapist she will get the resources she needs to try and get her back on her feet.

Kunicki has the benefit of being young in her favor, Collie said.
"I wouldn't be surprised if in a matter of months, she might be back where she was before," Collie said. - Inside Edition Staff

Dr. Collie always encourages patients to seek the aid of physical therapy as soon as possible to help them recover from any number of injuries and to get them back to their lives.

This Article was taken from Inside Edition's Interview with Dr. Michelle collie and their article, 23-Year-Old Paramedic Says She Was Left Paralyzed After Cracking Her Neck While Stretching.


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