Taking a Step in the Right Direction

Debra Dettor has always enjoyed helping the community and being involved in recovery advocacy.  As a person in long-term recovery from addiction, Deb can really understand the hardships, so once she got involved with the world of recovery and advocacy, she was hooked and never looked back! 

Originally from Albany, New York, Deb spent over 20 years working as a counselor, but about 12 years ago, she decided to move to Maine to live near Acadia National Park.  After a few years in Maine, Deb decided to continue her dreams and open a recovery center. With a master's in counseling, and over 30 years in this field, Deb was ready to create her own path and try something new, but it was not an easy task. “It took 8 years and a lot of hard work from myself and amazing volunteers, but we finally got the funding to open up the center” Deb shared. After a few years of Deb growing this center, she moved her career to Connecticut to be a leader of a larger organization that had established 3 recovery centers, but to this day she always checks in on her Maine project and is happy to report that everyone there is doing an amazing job and has taken the center to a truly amazing place. 

After a few years living in Connecticut, Deb was promoted to director for an Anchor Recovery Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Deb is so happy to be involved in this field and truly loves being able to research and help develop new ways to help with recovery. 

When she's not spending her time helping others, Deb loves taking long walks and hiking, she even moved closer to Acadia so she could go hiking as often as possible. For years, Deb spent all her free time at Acadia, some days she would even hike a 10-mile trail without even thinking about it. Unfortunately, after a few years in Maine, Deb started to experience some problems with her hip and when hiking became too painful, she realized it was time to see a doctor. With an increase in pain over the years, Deb decided it was time to have a hip replacement but could have never imagined the road to recovery it would take her on. 

“I'm pretty tough, but you don’t realize how debilitated you're going to be when something like that happens” shared Deb. Even with the pain, Deb didn’t stop, and just two days after surgery she had her first visit with Dr. Mark Casimiro at the Warren clinic. Deb felt it was important to work with someone who knew her limits and would target what she needed, and with Dr. Casimiro, she got all of that and more.  

After just a few appointments she was walking around the neighborhood again, and 6 months later, Deb was still motivated and keeping herself on track for recovery, “nothing's going to stop me” she smiled. Her doctor expects it will take a year for Deb to reach a full recovery, but each week she sees improvement. Last week, she was even able to sand some furniture and haul it up the stairs, all without help!  

Seeing as Deb is still somewhat new to Rhode Island, she hopes to become more active in the community and maybe even find a singing group to join. She also has 2 cats, so Deb loves to help support the animal rescue initiatives, and she’s on the advisory board for a philanthropic organization. Between work and her involvement with the community, she's got a lot on her plate, but now that Deb’s hip is recovering, she hopes she can continue to do it all pain-free, and every day, she’s taking a step in the right direction.

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