Taking Back His Confidence

After an ACL tear uprooted his life, put a hold on his career, and brought him home, this local athlete put his all into taking back everything his accident took away.


Born and raised in Rhode Island, Daniel Ramirez decided to make a big change by moving to New York in 2018 after graduating from Johnson and Wales University to start off his career in management. Over the next year, Daniel worked as a manager for the American Express flight division and spent his days constantly on his feet and attending to any passenger's needs.

When he wasn’t running around helping passengers, he found many ways to stay moving in his free time.  For the last 23 years, Daniel always tried to keep up with an active and healthy lifestyle and loved participating in all types of sports. If he wasn’t on the soccer field, he would be going out for runs, rock climbing, playing basketball with friends, and even skiing. 

Last February, Daniel took a ski trip to New Hampshire with his friends. Little did he know, one day was all it took to change everything.  

While Daniel was heading down the slopes, he fell, tangling his skis together. When he heard a loud pop, Daniel knew he had hurt himself badly. After being taken off the mountain and spending the next few hours watching the swelling in his knee increase, Daniel went to the hospital and learned that he tore his ACL. Since he lived on the eighth floor of his apartment building with no elevator, Daniel knew it wouldn’t be possible to make those stairs every day, or even stay on his feet at work. So, he moved back to Rhode Island to get some help from his parents. 

Not being able to keep up with his old lifestyle was a huge change for Daniel. All of Daniel’s friends were very athletic just like him, so it was extremely difficult having to sit back and watch them all play soccer or go out for a run when Daniel know he couldn’t. 

In April, Daniel had surgery to repair his ACL and began working with Dr. Kara Chace and Bob Doherty at the Pawtucket clinic. “I was cautious at first because I had never done anything like this before,” Daniel expressed. “But everyone was so reassuring and supportive, and they were always there to answer any questions I had” he shared. 

“It’s been a slow recovery and that’s the hardest part about it,” said Daniel. After going this long without ever having an injury, being forced off his feet was such a drastic change in his life, and all he wanted was for things to go back to normal, but he knew that would take some time. As the months went on, Daniel began to see the progress he was looking for and was even able to get back to walking and comfortably using the stairs. “Everyone really helped me get my confidence back, they are all awesome and always made me feel like a priority” he smiled. “It was such VIP treatment!”  

After months of hard work, Daniel is happy to have finished up physical therapy and head back to New York to pick up where he left off. Now that he is regaining his mobility, Daniel wants to focus on getting back to running, playing soccer, and keeping up with his friends like used to. As he gets back to work, Daniel looks forward to taking back everything that his fall on the slopes took away. 

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